In creating this book and brining it to completion I applied many principles that I learned from the ancient Hawaiian and Eastern Indian cultures.

My story is here- one year, one eternity at a glance!…

It is the story of my inner voyage … getting to know who I am and changing my perceptions of what is possible. Turing a thousand no’s into one huge yes!!!!

The first no came from the designer who initiated the original idea of creating a book. She did not agree with the direction of the book as suggested by Kahu Abraham Kawai’i. My teacher at that time felt that it was important to tie my images of this land to the cultural values of its’ people. The land is the home of the people and their ideas. So I was on my own, never having published a book before. I knew nothing of the process nor the market nor did I have savings to pay for the printing of this full color coffee table book.

With the decision to self publish I found a print broker to work with the overseas company. My broker urged me to purchase the latest software for book publishing so to be current with the direction the industry was moving into. I soon came to discover none of the design firms on the islands had purchased it yet. So for the most part I was learning the program as I went. Dead lines came and went as I was still working on the book into September. With each delay it pushed the books arrival later and later in the season. The books needed to be available for Christmas in hopes to pay for its’ printing and beyond.

Once the ‘manuscript’ went to China for printing I began presenting my book to the community. From September to December 24th I went door to door- approaching businesses and residences with computer printed pages of the pictures and the accompanying quotes. Without a car I relied on the public bus system and my feet. walking house to house every evening.

Because of many delays (which I did not know were part of the business) I had to airfreight in 100 cases to fulfill my promise of having the books for Christmas.


Here is where the miracles start!


My broker called me a few days before the books were to arrive to tell me the airplane carrying the books had engine trouble over the ocean and had to turn back to china. The books were reloaded onto another plane,

The next call from the broker: The freight was being held up in California because they discovered it hadn’t cleared customs at the hub and so they wanted to send it back across the country. I told him that I had an event in two days it was imperative that those books arrive. The airline agreed that they would let the books come to Hawaii and go through customs here. It was simply not an option to take no for an answer

The next call was from the mail outlet I had selected. They told me my books had arrived though because I didn’t give them notice they instructed the driver to leave the 100 cases on the sidewalk. Without a car I had to rent a compact to pick up books. Two men who came out of the mail outlet happened noticed me lifting some of the cases into this little car and offered to go home and get their van. I accepted the offer. Angels everywhere! I was able to deliver. the pre sold copies.

As the existence of the book spread by word of mouth the local bookstore called asking to carry the book. I had avoided the book stores initially so that I could get the proper press coverage as a new book in the following year which was right on the horizon. Also I hesitated for the sake of raising enough revenue to pay for the printing. Book Ends was gracious to take the books for that short time before Christmas and sell without making any profit.

When the first of the year arrived I approached all the local bookstores and galleries. The books flew off the shelves its’ appeal place it on the Best Seller list 5 times in the next 2 years.

This came as quite a surprise! The greatest reward this book has given is the internal process of transformation and the delight. expressed in the community. I had no idea the book would touch people so deeply. This became a very moving experience of deep satisfaction.


At which point the next book was well on its way ….broader statement visually of Hawaii and a deeper set of principles of the Aloha spirit….

Hawaii –‘A State of Being’.

 As the books arrived …I gained greater perception of self with more ease and grace as I maneuvered into results. My inner world had become a more harmonious presence.