Oahu’s Beautiful Essence & the Spirit of Aloha



‘Oahu’s beautiful Essence and the Spirit of Aloha’ features the pristine beauty of the island of Oahu.

Inspiring quotes awaken inner peace and tranquility. The unconditional love breathes a depth of compassion nurturing the spirit beyond words. The wildness of nature flows freely across the pages. Principles of harmonious existence illumine new possibilities within our innate human potential, holding the capacity of expanding our horizon taking beyond what we think is possibilities.

The compelling unconditional love and light that graces the pages within the book finds its source through native born Hawaiian Kahu Abraham Kawai’i. Who spent his life teaching these core principles of living throughout the world. Offering practical application that enables individuals to apply the principles in their modern day life styles. And contemporary thought leader; Panache Desai whose message of love and self-acceptance has drawn thousands of people from around the world to his seminars and workshops. Panache has appeared on Oprah as a guest, interviewed on Super Soul Sunday in 2013. Throughout the book there are several sentiments shared through Oahu residence as well as my own poetry and writing. The book contains 208 pages, 295 photographs, Cover title is in silver foil. Size 9 x 12.

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Oahu’s Beautiful Essence and the Spirit of Aloha is available now 2014

A sampling of the beautiful pictures from the book.


Oahu’s beautiful Essence and the Spirit of Aloha


Landscape style coffee table book 9 x 12;
208 pages featuring 295 color photographs;
Glossy cover with silver foil text;
Durable strength soft cover

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