Global Shift

Global Shift

blog2Panache Desai

Throughout history,

certain dates have marked

a significant shift in the way we perceive ourselves, each other and

our world. No date has been the cause of more speculation and concern than 2012. An entire industry has sprung up

around this singular event.

Books have been written, works hopes have been crafted and movements have been created to prepare us for what some call the Golden Age and  others call the End Times. Although this is no ordinary time, I do not perceive an Indiana Jones apocalyptic scenario in our  collective future. Instead:

An old paradigm is dying and a new paradigm of love, collaboration and unity is emerging.

What you are sensing—or feeling—is your intuition preparing you for one of the most fundamental shifts humanity has ever experienced. What we are facing is the end of a world that doesn’t work.

The old paradigm of human experience is being replaced with a new one.

The old operating system of fear, scarcity and competition is

being replaced with a new paradigm of love, collaboration and unity.

With this transformation, we move from a

planet divided by beliefs to one unified by the heart. 

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